Thursday 29 April 2021

Pre Stitched Sari - A Boon For the Modern Indian Woman

The words Indian and Tradition go hand in hand. One cannot think of one and exclude the other. Traditions are so steeped in our ethos that its effects and permeates all the levels of our inner and outer selves.

The sari is the choice of apparel for the traditional Indian woman. Somehow, however, the sari has not remained as popular as it was decades ago. The reasons are many but more often than not, the factor of the apparel not being functional and fun combined with the lack of knowledge of the art of tying the sari seem to be the primary reasons.

It is a matter of singular pride and achievement for a young woman to achieve tying a sari and looking reasonably "well turned out" in 5 yards of unstructured material.

The office going woman finds it cumbersome and too time consuming. Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn to wake children, send them to school, cook lunch, pack it AND wear the sari.... to drape yards of fabric round you, to pin it up in precise places, fervently hoping that the pins do not come open and poke you when you least expect it. And horror of horrors...hope that the gracious sari does not unravel and lie at a heap round your feet. Here again, The Pre-Stitched Ready to Wear Sari comes to the rescue.

The end user of the sari whom I've mentioned earlier are the young girls, who have no idea how to go about tying and pleating this lovely length of fabric. This also includes the busy working woman who has very little time to put aside in order to tie the sari immaculately. These people would surely benefit from the Pre Stitched Ready to Wear Sari.

But what about those ladies who have the luxury of time to fashion dress and adorn themselves and have a myriad of social occasions to drape a sari? 

It is increasingly frequent to see the Indian Garment of choice being the 'lengha choli', while the Banarsi and Kaanjevaram saris languish in the cupboard. The reason for the choice of the lengha over the sari seems to be convenience. One just has to slip on the lengha like a skirt and not bother about the pallu of the sari being pinned on well. One does not have to spend hours in front of the mirror ensuring that the pleats of the sari are just right, falling one atop the other and everything just in place...not a crumple or crease to be found. Here too, the need and the popularity of the Pre Stitched Ready to Wear Sari come to the fore.

The Pre Stitched Ready to Wear Sari is indeed a boon for this generation of Indian women who want to look traditional as well as ravishing, as it brings together comfort and elegance. It also gives women who are not of Indian origin an option to wear this multi-faceted garment. One can still have yards of silk around oneself and be at ease. One can still have embroidered exquisiteness enveloping oneself in grace without the stress of all of it undoing itself in a blink of an eye. The Pre Stitched Ready to wear garment has made all of this possible.

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